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Let’s stay in touch. You can find me on GitHub or Twitter. Tweeting at me or DM’ing is the best way to get ahold of me. If you need to, you can also email me at

I’m basically a professional gene hacker

I’m an MD/PhD student. People usually ask “how does that work?” The short answer is I’m cramming medical school and a full PhD into seven breathless years. The long answer is this.

I love health, and I love data. So I especially love studying how we can use data to improve health. I found out that the human genome is full of health-relevant data and I never looked back. I’m basically a gene hacker - I use data science to uncover new knowledge about the human cancer genome.

My PhD research happens at the illustrious Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I study how cancers (fail to) repair their DNA, and how that could improve cancer treatment. For details, see this academic paper or this news feature.

When I’m not working or studying, you’ll find me tinkering with graphic design, playing music, biking around the city, listening to podcasts, and many more things I feel obligated to do as a west coast millenial.